As you may have seen, GBPUSD exchange rates have been slowly moving up from the lows of 1.22 in October, to currently trading just below the 1.30 area.

To put this in context, A purchase of 200,000 USD is now costing £10,000 less than it would have a month ago!

The main event for 2019 in the UK is the General Election next month, and currently opinion polls are showing Boris Johnson could get his majority in Parliament, which is very bullish for the Pound.

A turnaround like this could see the bear cycle for GBPUSD (From 2.00) now reverse, and give us the opportunity to see 1.40, 1.50, 1.60 again over the next year or two.

To put this in context for a Brit selling a property, currently 200,000 USD will fetch them £153,846.15– however, If markets do start to move up due to Brexit and Political certainty- then see below for the numbers;

1.40- 200,000 USD achieves £142,857.14

1.50- 2000,000 USD achieves £133,333.33

1.60- 200,000 USD achieves £125,000

The above may be worth keeping in mind if you are selling a property in U.S Dollars and bringing funds back to the UK!